(administration of property owners)

Management of Co-proprietors’ Associations


As Secretary of Co-proprietors’ Associations, we keep associations’ ledgers and documents, prepare the minutes of the meetings and forward them to each proprietor, certify the agreements reached at the meetings, and send the corresponding summons. As Administrators, we supervise the operation of the building (the installations and services), prepare the income and expense budgets that are then submitted to the board, take care of maintenance works on the property, carrying out ordinary works as well as any urgent or extra works, informing the president and the board immediately of these, and also ensure that payments and quota collections are made in compliance with the approvals at the AGMs. Claims of debts and follow-up of overdue payments.

Rent Management


We take care of formalizing rental contracts (houses and commercial premises), prepare the receipts and bills, update rents, take care of works and services, resolve incidents, etc. We also administer estates.

Collegiate State Administrator: num. 815


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