Legal Counsel

We are well aware that any conflict means both an economic and physical burden. Our goal is to help you to avoid this, whenever it is possible. To achieve this objective, we emphasise mediation together with the services of our legal department. Before going to court, we always try to reach a contractual solution to the dispute.

In the way of preventive measures, we provide counsel, draw up contracts, protocols, statutes and other general mercantile documents (for business transfers, acquisitions, mergers, etc,), civil documents such as rental and family agreements, employment documents such as workforce adjustment plans, layoffs, etc,) and even administrative documents such as urban agreements, expropriations, etc.

Should there be no other way out, we defend our clients’ interests in a court of law in the following fields:
• Civil: claims for indemnities, eviction of tenants for non-payment, contest agreements reached at community assemblies, work and road accidents.
• Family: separations, divorces, declarations of legal incapacity.
• Inheritances: claims for inalienable inheritances, division of inherited estate.
• Mercantile: insolvency proceedings, seek responsibility of the administrators.
• Penal: lawsuits.
• Labour: layoffs, workforce adjustment plans, invalidities.
• Contentions-administrative cases: urban issues, administrative sanctions.

Collegiate in the Il.lustre Col.legi d’Advocats de Girona: num. 1317


In Gestoria Suquet we count with a team of multi disciplined personnel specialized in the different areas in which we offer services. This environment allows us to offer a personalised solution for our client and at the same time having a team who backs up each and every action, in their respective field. This allows us to act in a global way and to analyse different points of view to find the solution that fits our clients demand.